• Université de Porto, Transhumanism and the Future of Humanity, conférence en ligne, les 21 et 22 octobre 2021

    Il y a 1 mois - Par Paul Jorion

    Une heure plus tard pour nous : mon intervention à 10h30.
    Conference | Transhumanism and the Future of Humanity 21-22 October 2021 | Online
    Zoom link available by request: ifilosofia letras.up.pt
    Political movement, philosophy of technology, worldview, way of thinking about the future of human life, or just an invention of science-fiction? What is transhumanism? What distinguishes it from post-humanism or cyborg theory? To propose this question again is neither useless nor rhetorical at all. Due to the current development of digital technologies and artificial intelligence, the debate on...
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